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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Working It Out En Plein Air

iPad sketching

A month or so ago I was in Florence with my iPad Pro, and stopped in the Piazza Ss. Annunziata with a break in the clouds and drizzle. I decided to sketch one of the fountains by Pietro Tacca because:
  1. It’s bizarre and amazing
  2. I’m still learning how to use the drawing apps
  3. I’m interested in the video capture aspect of the Procreate app to record the process of making a drawing

The result, emerging in a short video clip, is appended above. I worked with a “pencil,” “pen,” and “brush” effects on toned “paper.” All of which, of course, is virtual—you’re still drawing with a rubber tip on a piece of plastic. But I think there is value in illustrating the emergence of an image in time, approximating the kind of thing that would be done with real pencils, pens, brushes, and paper.

I posted a drawing done at the Getty at emulatio. This will never replace my real drawing and painting tools, but I hope seeing a drawing evolve has some value.

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