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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Italia di Nuovo

at the Forum of Nerva
It is thrilling to be back in Italy, even in what is proving to be a record hot summer. Yesterday (Ferragosto) I was in the full sun along the via dei Fori Imperiali--saved by watermelon! 

Having recently been in Lucca and now in Rome, what is posted here documents three aspects of my evolving plein air strategies: drawing a subject as well as watercoloring or painting it, making watercolors approach oils in saturation (while preserving light), and addressing simple single subjects in order to confront them in greater detail. Last things first, a photo in situ of yesterday’s painting at the Forum of Nerva, along with one from spring a year ago on the Campidoglio; then, two views of the city walls of Lucca, one in sanguine in my sketchbook (morning), the other in watercolor (afternoon). 
The Trophies of Marius

NB: the show of plein air artists in Civita Castellana has been pushed back to 27 October to 11 November, to coincide with the town’s Arts Week, and will now be in the beautiful and imposing Forte Sangallo. More info to follow when I know it.

Outside Porta S. Donato

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  1. Enjoying your painting posts! I've just returned from a painting trip to Florence, and I agree with you, it's tricky getting those watercolours to reach an oil like saturation and still keep the light, I think you do a good job of that!
    Have a great day!